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A home warranty is a service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of major household appliances and systems during breakdowns thereby protecting your budget.

In case of an unexpected appliance/system breakdown, you can file a claim by calling (866) HCWRNTY. HouseCheck has a round the clock customer service facility to process claims. Once the report is processed, a service provider will be scheduled as per your convenience.

Unlike homeowner’s insurance, a HouseCheck Home Warranty is a service contract that covers essential appliances and home system components when they break down due to normal wear and tear. Most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover these items. A HouseCheck Home Warranty is the perfect complement to your homeowner insurance, not a substitute.
Manufacturer’s Warranty is designed to cover factory defects of one new appliance and usually is only valid for a period of up to one year. An annual home warranty plan covers many appliances in the home year after year when they are more likely to have higher chances of breakdowns.
Coverage varies depending on your plan. Check out the HouseCheck Home Warranty plans. If you purchased a plan and are unsure on what’s covered, please call us at (866) HCWRNTY.
Denial of claims may be caused due to code violations, unusual wear and tear, improper installation, pre – existing conditions and in some cases issues due to improper maintenance. Some companies, however, do cover damages resulting from lack of maintenance.
No. A HouseCheck Home Warranty does not require a home inspection in order to enroll for a home warranty. However, covered items must be properly installed, properly maintained and in good working condition at the time of application in order to qualify for coverage. Pre-existing conditions are not covered under a HouseCheck Home Warranty plan.
If you purchase the home warranty at the time you are buying a home, coverage begins the day of the closing. If a home warranty is purchased 7 days or more after closing, then coverage begins after 30 days of purchase.
The HouseCheck Home Warranty plans last for 12 months.
Any remaining coverage will transfer to the new buyer as of the date of closing at no additional cost (where permitted by law).
Simply call HouseCheck at (866) HCWRNTY and notify us of the closing date and the buyer’s name. For security purposes, we ask that you send us a copy of the settlement statement to prove transfer of ownership.
Contact us by calling 866-HCWRNTY option 1. Knowledgeable, customer service representatives are ready to help you.
Yes. HouseCheck provides qualified service providers who will contact you to schedule an appointment that works for you.
Yes, there is a service fee which is payable at the time of service. The amount of the fee is determined by your plan. A 120 Day Plan included with a HouseCheck inspection is $35. An annual plan will cost $70.
There are some items and services that are not available for coverage. Non-mechanical items such as windows, walls and doors are not covered. HouseCheck is not responsible for normal maintenance services such as replacing the filter in your furnace or periodically flushing the sediment build-up through your water heater. Failure to do these basic things will cause damage to your systems. If a system has not been maintained, HouseCheck is not responsible for the repair. Improper installation and pre-existing conditions are also excluded. Please review your plan for coverage details or call our customer service center at (866) HCWRNTY. We are here to answer your questions!
In most instances, you will be responsible only for the service call fee. However, there are some installation charges that are not covered, such as modifications to fit the new system in the existing space. These are additional charges that you may incur. Please read your plan for complete terms and conditions or call us at (866) HCWRNTY
No. All of the items protected by your plan must be in working order prior to the effective date of your plan. You cannot knowingly enroll a broken appliance into a plan and have it repaired by HouseCheck.
Yes. HouseCheck offers protection for rental properties. Tenant-occupied properties are subject to an additional monthly fee in addition to the price of the selected plan.
No. Each HouseCheck plan protects one of each appliance listed, and you MUST specify which unit you would like to protect. If you have additional heating/cooling unit(s), you MUST add them to your plan at an additional cost.
No. HouseCheck pays for the repair and maintenance to return the appliance or system back to working order. Any secondary damage to the home or personal possessions is NOT paid for by this program.
Refunds are prorated, less any claims paid on the account, and less a processing fee. If the claims total exceeds the payment total, you would not be entitled to a refund.
No. Buying a HouseCheck Home Warranty Plan is at the discretion of the buyer or seller of the house.
Additional or optional coverage is the extra coverage you buy from a list of add-on items such as kitchen appliances like refrigerator, oven, washer/dryer, air conditioning, pool and spa equipment. Roof leak repairs are also available for home warranty purchase at an additional fee at the time of signing a contract.
Our customer support works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can call (866) HCWRNTY to report an emergency and we’ll schedule the dispatch of a qualified service technician as quickly as possible.
It usually takes 48 hours, following the acceptance of your claim, to provide you with a service call. In case of an emergency, the service time may be much quicker.
Contact us today about a HouseCheck Home Warranty
Contact us today about a HouseCheck Home Warranty